Web-Enabled PACS Archive with
Pre-Configured Server and
Packaged QXLink Viewer® Software.

QXLink is a turnkey imaging archival and distribution system. Simply set QXLink as your destination for CR, DR and any other DICOM modalities. Your images will be stored on redundant RAID 1 or RAID 5 hard drives and can be immediately accessed by QXLink Viewer® diagnostic viewing software.

QXLink uses the DICOM Storage SCP to allow images from CR, DR, CT, MR, US, NM and any other DICOM modality to be received and stored automatically. QXLink utilizes an SQL database for security and scalability. Thanks to an embedded DICOM file compressor, images can be stored as DICOM uncompressed or lossless JPG to maximize storage space.

QXLink servers comes pre-configured and pre-tested from Genesis in any number of scalable storage sizes - from a few thousand to over a million DICOM images. Multiple images can be received from multiple modalities, and multiple servers can be linked across the network. QXLink supports Query & Retrieve SCP and is the perfect central archive for multiple diagnostic workstations and Web-based concurrent viewers.

QXLink Viewer® Software Included
Every QXLink system comes bundled with multiple copies of the industry-leading QXLink Viewer® and QXLink Viewer® Web diagnostic viewing software, which will easily access and view images stored on the QXLink database.